Clubies organizes the life of your tribe

Clubies is the venture of four friends (Frédéric BECHOUX, Olivier LAUSBERG, Jean-François HUYTS and Pascal FRANÇOIS) who together had the idea of allowing various entities (companies, associations, clubs, institutions...) to better organize their communications through a web portal (organizers) and a dedicated application (beneficiaries).

Clubies is a very clear web platform and a dedicated application!! Simple, intuitive, and above all, highly effective solutions.

Clubies clearly aims to become a model in the organization of the life of communities.


It all started by observing that many entities encounter real problems to transmit to their members and people around them, relevant, qualified and especially non-'toxic' information.

Clubies presents itself, therefore, as THE solution in the organization of the life of a "tribe", whatever its kind.

What is a "tribe"?

A tribe is an entity in which a number of people are involved:

  • Leaders (managers) managers (issuers;);
  • Intermediate managers (middle management – appointed organizers – co-issuers;);
  • Beneficiaries (receivers).

In summary:

  • Each entity is clearly a separate tribe.
  • Each tribe requires its own information management.
  • This information must always be practical, clear, short, relevant and qualified.

How does it work?

Anyone entering the CLUBIES environment must create his/her profile.

The organizer:

  1. The organizer creates (if it does not exist) his/her personal profile via the web portal - www.clubies.com - heading 'Register';;
  2. The organizer creates his/her tribe;
  3. The organizer is invited to enter his/her financial information (billing);
  4. The organizer invites members to join his/her tribe by SMS or email;
  5. The organizer attributes co-management rights to certain members.

The member:

  1. The member receives an invitation by sms or email to join a tribe;
  2. The member creates his/her profile or connects with his/her existing profile;
  3. The member accepts the invitation to join the tribe;
  4. The member can download the free "Clubies" application (Play Store and App Store).

Then, the persons responsible are able to provide relevant information to all or part of their tribe.
The tribe members issue their reply to each message received.
Those responsible for the tribe thus have a clear view of the replies provided, in real time.

QED: Clubies organizes the life of your tribe!